After learning about the Louis Vuitton Catogram collection (after I missed out, of course)I wanted it all! I had initially been on the hunt for a Catogram Speedy, so I reached out to Georgia after discovering her through a Facebook group. She was so willing to help me and had so much patience even as I asked a million questions! At the time, I could never afford the bags that I so completely had my heart on, but she still assisted me and didn’t judge me for not purchasing anything. Fast forward to November 2020. All I needed to complete my collection was a Catogram wallet. Knowing how kind she is, I reached out to Georgia again to ask for help in finding a Catogram wallet. She immediately responded that she had the Zippy Coin available. Indecisive as always, I wasn’t 100% sure about buying, but she still sent me photos and made sure I had all the information I needed and wanted. In the end, I ended up purchasing it and I couldn’t be happier. She is the type of person who gives you her honest opinion, helps in any way she can, and makes sure you feel comfortable with buying before doing so. Her shipping is super fast, the packaging is perfect and your precious Unicorn bag will arrive in pristine condition! Georgia is an all around good human. I highly recommend Redeluxe!

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